Follow These Instructions or your Account will be Deleted

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Follow These Instructions or your Account will be Deleted

Post by admin » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:08 pm

To read and post to these forums, you must first create a User Account.

To create a User Account you must:

1. be a Geocacher with an active account,

2. live in Mississippi, or one of our border states: Louisiana, Alabama, or Tennessee,

3. register a User Account on this site using your screen name. account send a message to CaneMaster requesting a User Account (Within 72 hours we will set up your account and using his account send you a message with your temporary password.)

3. within 7 days of your temporary password being sent, use it to log into your User Account and change your password (It is recommended that you use your password if you are a member of the Mississippi Geocachers Association)

4. during your initial log in post a message in the New Member forum with the following information:

a. Your Geocaching Name
b. The region of Mississippi you live in: North Mississippi, Central Mississippi, South Mississippi or the border state you live in: Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee
c. The year you started Geocaching
d. Your favorite Geocache Find
e. What we like best about Geocaching

Persons who do not comply with all four of these membership requirements will not have a User Account created or will have their Account deleted.

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